Get Involved

To Participate You Will:

1- Submit 10 minutes of video of your patrons participating in hydrothermal and nature-centered wellness activities in, or around, your pools. 

 2- Video specifications: 1080 or 4k resolution, 30 fps, landscape orientation, mp4 format, audio captured with microphone 

3- Submit video here: 

4- Participate in the live event on November 13th to see the full video, including your contribution, shared with the world. 

Example of Soakember Participation Video

Example of Video Imagery:

Example Accompanying Voiceover:

“Experience the positive force of nature and The Springs Resort’s natural mineral waters.

With 25 geothermal soaking pools terraced along the banks of the San Juan River, in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA.

The Springs Resort invites you to explore nature-centered activities that promote health and wellbeing.”

Example of Video Imagery:

Example Accompanying Voiceover:

“Morning Aqua Yoga, one of the activities Springs Resort guests participate in, combines two nature-based traditions: traditional Yoga – a 2500-year-old practice that helps bring balance and harmony to one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual body, and the healing properties of geothermal water, which brings warmth to clear the mind and ease muscles in the body.

Aqua Yoga provides a low-impact exercise through which you will discover a new way of feeling great every day.”

Example of Video Imagery:

Example Accompanying Voiceover:

“Our high-country backdrop, complementing our healing waters, are a natural destination to heal and recover.

Soaking in the curative waters activates the body’s natural self-healing power, and the rugged beauty that surrounds you here invites self-discovery and begs to be explored.”

How to Participate in the Global Live Soak

November 13, 2021 4:45pm – 5:00pm MST

To foster a profound connection amongst hot spring locations during the live soak we will:
•highlight local music from each location
•share the energy, feel, and sounds from our locations with the world
showcase the connection between geothermal soaking and music across cultures

Camera that can stream video
External microphone
Minimum Upload speed of 6 Mbps
Complete Registration Form with Streaming Information

We encourage you to partake in hot spring-based wellness activities during the live soak.

*A suggestion for locations where live broadcasts can be intrusive to guests is to pre-notice visitors or have an area available to stage your live stream. We have found this approach creates more engagement and buy-in from visitors and viewers.

Questions on how you can participate?

Please contact:

Jesse Hensle
970-264-4168 ext 709
800-225-9347 ext 709

Register Below: