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Enhance the event atmosphere and soaking experience by printing multiple banners or posters and inviting your guests and staff to leave their mark by signing with their name and hometown.

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If you prefer to use your own photos, follow this Canva link where you can easily incorporate your own images while overlaying them with the logo and text.

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“Separated by oceans, connected by water.” There are numerous ways to forge connections with hot springs during Soakember. We encourage you to discover an experience that resonates with you, uniting you with the vitality of these natural wonders. Explore your local spring and find opportunities to connect with yourself, your community, and the natural world that surrounds us on November 11. 
@soakember #soakember #hotsprings

Across the world, a myriad of hot spring destinations and experiences await to introduce you to the wonders of nature’s healing waters. Join us on November 11 for Soakember, a global celebration of hot springs that transcends borders, by visiting the link in our profile. @soakember #soakember #hotsprings

Hot springs cater to a variety of people around the world, from those who seek relaxation and rejuvenation to those seeking a community sanctuary. No matter your choice, there’s a hot spring out there, connecting us all through the power of water. Dive into the global celebration of Soakember with us on November 11.
@soakember #soakember #hotsprings

“Separated by oceans, connected by water.” Join a global community for an annual soaking event celebrating the healing benefits of water. Whether it’s immersing yourself in a hot spring or enjoying a sound bath at your local hot spring, this day opens the door to a variety of activities that makes you feel alive and connected.
@soakember #soakember #hotsprings