Soakember celebrates the health benefits of hot springs, hydrothermal therapies,
and nature-based wellness activities. 

The idea of Soakember was born during the pandemic from the thought of connecting with hot spring locations and visitors around the world, as countries enforced social distancing practices.
Soakember creates a platform allowing hot spring locations to “Soak Together and Heal Together.”

This year’s celebration highlights the numerous health benefits of hot spring soaking and connecting with nature emphasizing that hot springs are the original wellness destination.

Fourteen hot springs in more than five countries around the world will celebrate centuries of soaking tradition on November 13th, 2021. Together they have designated the month of November as “Soakember” and will come together for this simultaneous soaking event.

Soakember showcases how hot springs support the health and wellbeing of all people through the healing and immune-boosting benefits of Mother Nature’s original wellness destination while also celebrating the diversity of soaking practices from around the world