Get Invovled

Join the Soakember Movement and share the healing benefits of water with your community.

How to participate in soakember 2023

Interested in participating in Soakember? Your property can be as involved as you like! Customize your Soakember experience to cater to your local community.

Easy participation:

1. Download the free event resources on the Resources page.

Optional: Print the event banner for the day of the event. Encourage guests to sign the banner with their names and where they’ve traveled from.

2. Join us on Social Media:

a. Post photos of patrons enjoying your hot springs on Social Media any time during November 1-11.

b. Post at least photo with the Soakember banner art in the background during that time.

c. Use Hashtags: #soakember #hotsprings

Be sure to integrate the theme into your messaging across your platforms and during the day of the event:

“Separated by oceans, connected by water.”


Next-level participation:

  1. Create Special Packages: Craft unique Soakember-themed packages that highlight your hot springs, hydrothermal treatments, and nature-based activities. Encourage guests to embark on a wellness journey.

  2. Educational Workshops: Host workshops on the health benefits of hot springs and holistic wellness. Educate and empower your guests to take charge of their well-being.

  3. Exclusive Events: Organize special events like moonlit hot spring gatherings, forest bathing sessions, or meditation retreats. Offer something exclusive and unforgettable.

  4. Collaborations: Partner with local artisans, healers, or wellness experts to enhance your offerings. Cross-promotion can bring fresh perspectives to your wellness destination.

  5. Start Your Own Hot Springs Festival: Craft your own local hot spring festival with Soakember at the heart of it. The Springs Resort utilizes Soakember to promote Hot Springs Fest, a 3-day festival centered around their world-renowned Mother Spring and the multiple local hot spring locations that utilize its healing waters. 

Questions on how you can participate?

Please contact:

Brooke Munden
[email protected]
970-264-4168 ext 705
800-225-9347 ext 705