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To Participate You Will: 

1- Submit up to 5 minutes of video of your patrons participating in hydrothermal and nature-centered wellness activities in, or around, your pools. 

 2- Video specifications: 1080 or 4k resolution, 30 fps, landscape orientation, mp4 format, audio captured with a microphone 

3- Submit your video here: by November 4th.

4- Participate in the event on November 12th by sharing stories and posts using #soakember and
tagging us in your photos to be shared on our social media channels.

Example of Soakember Participation Video

Example of Video Imagery:

Aqua Yoga at The Springs Resort

Example Accompanying Voiceover:

Overnight guests of The Springs Resort are invited to participate in a morning Aqua Yoga session. Aqua yoga combines low-impact Vinyasa-based yoga and therapeutic mineral waters from the Mother Spring in one of The Springs Resort’s 25 hot spring pools. This low-impact practice strengthens the body and mind through poses linking movement with breath in a geothermal soaking pool. Aqua Yoga is suitable for any fitness level.

Example of Video Imagery:

Soak at The Springs Resort

Example Accompanying Voiceover:

“Our high-country backdrop, complementing our healing waters, are a natural destination to heal and recover.

Soaking in the curative waters activates the body’s natural self-healing power, and the rugged beauty that surrounds you here invites self-discovery and begs to be explored.”

How to Participate in the Global Soak

November 12, 2022

To foster a profound connection amongst hot spring locations during the global soak we will:
•share the energy, feel, and sounds from our locations with the world
showcase the connection between geothermal soaking across cultures

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Share content using the hashtag

We encourage you to partake in hot spring-based wellness activities during the global soak and post them on your social media channels on November 12th. Make sure to tag us and use #soakember to be shared on our stories.

Questions on how you can participate?

Please contact:

Brooke Munden
[email protected]
970-264-4168 ext 705
800-225-9347 ext 705

Register Below:

Last day to register is October 14th, 2022